Moseley Village Station planning application now on line.

Moseley Overhead
Proposed new Moseley station

We seem to have waited forever  but the planning application for Moseley Station is now online and open for comments.

You can access and comment on the consultation 2020/03676/PA here

Controversy over the station approach.

The application includes a proposal for the entrance to the station at St Mary’s Row opposite Oxford  Road to be controlled by a four way traffic light junction. At a meeting in March with West Midlands Rail Executive  Moseley community representatives stated their objections to the junction being controlled by traffic signals and again presented their preferred option of a roundel, as designed by Phil Jones Associates for Moseley Forum and  supported overwhelmingly at their recent AGM.

The two designs are here:

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 21.57.39
WMRE / BCC proposal: Four way traffic light controlled crossing
Moseley Forum proposal: Roundel with zebra crossings for pedestrians and cyclists

The advantages of a roundel rather than traffic lights is less pollution as traffic flow is more even rather than stop/start, better access for pedestrians and cyclists as zebra pedestrian crossings will give them priority over cars, (rather than the other way round at a traffic signal junction) and a much more pleasing look to the entrance to the station.

Moseley Forum has had assurances from WMRE that their proposal is being seriously considered and subject to design modifications, amendments to the plans could be made. It would  help if  comments reflect how you would like to see the junction managed.  

We have an opportunity here to send a message to planners that Moseley wants to open up to walkers and cyclists. The station will have 52 cycle stands and yet the plans include no dedicated cycling infrastructure. Recent lockdown measures have shown us what a Moseley with less traffic would look like. There will not be another opportunity to make our voices heard, this is our station – so please do make your comments.

PS: It has been suggested we ask for the station to be called  ‘Moseley Village’  If you agree mention it in your comments.  

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 22.09.10
Proposed concourse  




One Reply to “Moseley Village Station planning application now on line.”

  1. I prefer the roundel design. It prioritises the needs of cyclists and pedestrians and is a more attractive solution.


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