How to report stuff

We are often asked where and how to report issues in the area. So here are some websites you might find useful:

Birmingham City Council:

Good for: All council related issues and advice.

Fix My Street:

Good for: Fly tipping (on council owned highways, parks or open land), potholes, graffiti (on council owned street furniture or residential property accessible from the highway and below head height), street lighting, blocked drains. The app can be downloaded to your phone. Reports are sent to the relevant council department , you can see if issues have already ben reported and add updates.

Severn Trent:

Good for: Water or sewage leaks at home or in the street. You get a reference number and usually receive a call back within 48 hours.

DVLA – Check if vehicle is taxed/has MOT

Good for: Vehicles left in situ on a highway for a long period of time or in an unroadworthy state

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