Support 5 daily to become more sustainable.

A planning application has been submitted by the owner of 5 Daily, the fruit and vegetable stall at the entrance to Moseley village car park. He has applied to erect a zero carbon, semi permanent wooden structure as a sustainable way of developing his business, in order to continue to serve the Moseley community and address the difficulties he faces in setting up and taking down his stall each day. Izzy has already written to Birmingham City Council in support of this application. She says: ‘The proposed design based on a pineapple and complementing the Moseley roofscape together with the zero carbon emissions and Mohammed’ s clear commitment to the local community fully complements all of the aspirations of the various community groups, and the vision set out in the Moseley Supplementary Planning Document which says : Moseley will be a creative and enterprising urban neighbourhood that makes a distinctive contribution to the city’s economic and cultural life, whilst retaining its unique sense of place and history’
We believe 5 Daily is a real asset to our village. We really hope this application is granted and we wish Mohammed every success.

The planning application can be accessed here and you can also make comments.

Izzy awarded BEM for services to the community in Moseley, particularly during Covid – 19

Izzy is recognised across Birmingham for her devotion to community work, supporting the people and businesses in and around Moseley. With work such as building teams to help keep our streets clean, helping the homeless, organising the annual Christmas Lights and working with St Johns Ambulance on vaccinating people to protect them during the pandemic, Izzy is well-placed to receive this award. 

Izzy had previously spent 30 years as a West Midlands Police Officer, finishing her career as a Neighbourhood Police Sergeant. Izzy is now a driving force in various community groups, such as the Moseley Farmers Market, Moseley Litter Busters, and Moseley Together which was created to support the community through the Covid 19 pandemic.

Speaking on the news that she is included in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list, Izzy Knowles BEM, said:

“I’m very humbled to have been nominated for this award, and am honoured to receive it, especially as it’s for my work in the community. 

“I am very privileged to volunteer with so many wonderful people, who are also dedicated to our communities. I’d like to thank all of them for the continued support they give me and our city. This award is for them, as much as for me. 

“I have lived in or near Moseley for over 40 years – I am a very proud Moseleyite, and Brummie. After spending my career in public service, it is my pleasure to continue serving the community as a volunteer.

“Change is made by people working together on the ground and I am happy to do my bit to help make Moseley and Birmingham a clean, safe and welcoming place to live, work and visit.”

Speaking in support of Izzy’s award, Jon Hunt, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Birmingham City Council said:

“This is a very well–deserved award, which rightly highlights the amazing work Izzy has long done for our community. Izzy is incredibly popular because she is recognised as wanting to help the community, and actually getting stuff done. 

“Izzy’s approach of being local, visible, and hands on has served Moseley and the surrounding areas incredibly well, especially during these constrained, worrying times. People reach out to Izzy if they need help, as they know they’ll get the support they need.

“I’m proud to work with Izzy, and the people of Moseley and the rest of Birmingham are very lucky to have her.”

Figures reveal NINE IN TEN Christmas burglaries in the West Midlands go unsolved 

Most burglaries committed in the West Midlands during the Christmas period go unsolved by the police, new analysis by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

3630 burglaries in West Midlands Police area went unsolved by police in the period between October and December 2020.

The figures also reveal there is usually a spike in burglaries over the Christmas period in the area. In the last five years, police recorded an average of 386 domestic burglaries per week in October, November and December. This compares to an average of 328 burglaries a week during the rest of the year.

The period between Christmas and New Year can prove particularly fruitful for burglars, with homes full of new presents left empty as occupants visit family elsewhere. The Liberal Democrats are calling for a return to community policing to keep families safe and bring criminals committing burglaries to justice. 

Izzy is a member of Birmingham East Police IAG. She will be making representations to the local Police Commander:
“Everyone should be able to feel safe in their own homes over the Christmas period, and know that if someone does break in they will be caught and punished. But with the vast majority of burglaries going unsolved, that’s simply not the case for far too many victims of crime. The collapse of neighbourhood policing has resulted in poorer investigations, little or no feedback to victims and a huge drop in intelligence available to officers to work on to detect and prevent crime.

“This Conservative government’s failure to tackle crime is letting victims down and letting criminals get away with it.

“Liberal Democrats are working hard to make our communities safe and help residents feel safe too. We need a return to proper community policing, where officers are visible, trusted and known personally to local people.”

The Party is over for Boris Johnson

We are absolutely thrilled that the West Midlands has a new Liberal Democrat MP after the historic bi-election result in North Shropshire announced early this morning. Huge congratulations to Helen Morgan and North Shropshire Liberal Democrats for turning over a 30,000 majority to take the seat from the Conservatives who had held it for 200 years. This is Helens speech:

“I’d like to thank the Returning Officer, his staff and my fellow candidates for a well run election in the most challenging circumstances. 

“To my husband Rob, our son, Ben, and the rest of my family, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support.

“I’d also like to thank my election agent Chris Lovell-Morgan, my incredible campaign team, the local party here in North Shropshire, and the thousands of Liberal Democrat campaigners who answered our Party’s call.

“Your amazing efforts have delivered a gift of hope to our country, just in time for Christmas.

“Tonight, the people of North Shropshire have spoken on behalf of the British people. 

“They have said loudly and clearly: ‘Boris Johnson, the party is over’.

“Your government, run on lies and bluster, will be held accountable. It will be scrutinised, it will be challenged and it can and will be defeated.

“Across the country, the Liberal Democrats are taking on the Conservatives and winning.

“In rural Shropshire today – just like in Buckinghamshire in June – we have won the support of people who have always voted Conservative and people who have always opposed them.

“Thousands of lifelong Conservative voters, dismayed by Boris Johnson’s lack of decency and fed up with being taken for granted.

“And thousands of lifelong Labour voters, choosing to lend their votes to the candidate who can defeat the Conservatives.

“People who believe that our politics should be about creating a better country for us all, not a nightly soap opera of calamity and chaos.

“All of them, casting their ballots for the Liberal Democrats.

“And let me say specifically to all those Labour supporters who lent me their votes today: thank you.

“You have shown tonight that, together, we can defeat the Conservatives. Not with deals behind closed doors, but with common sense at the ballot box.

“These are testing times for our country. 

“Our NHS, as we know here in Shropshire, is teetering on the brink. 

“Our rural economy is in a precarious state with people’s livelihoods at risk. 

“Our country is crying out for leadership.

“Mr Johnson, you are no leader.

“Many of your predecessors took office because they believed in a sense of national service. That they were duty bound to do what they believed is right for our country. 

“To represent all of us, even if we disagreed with them. 

“Mr Johnson, this is not how you operate. 

“Too often it is all about you and never about us.

“Instead of taking action to help Shropshire’s NHS, you spend your time seeking questionable donations to refurbish your flat.

“Instead of taking action to support Shropshire’s farmers, you spend your time misleading the nation on how you and your office partied during lockdown.

“Tonight the people of North Shropshire have said enough is enough. 

“They have said that you are unfit to lead and that they want a change. 

“I want to pay tribute tonight to my party leader Ed Davey. 

“Ed, thanks to you it is the Liberal Democrats who are opposing Boris Johnson’s Government and winning. From Chesham and Amersham to North Shropshire, you lead our campaigns from the front.

“I want to thank you personally for the support you have given me over the last few weeks.

“Whether it is on the streets of Whitchurch or Wem, Oswestry, Ellesmere or Market Drayton, you have led the charge for change.

“Finally, thank you most of all to all the people of North Shropshire.

“Not just for your support throughout this campaign –

“Not just for putting your faith in me to be your champion in Parliament –

“But for all the hard work and sacrifices you have made over the past two years, to get our communities through this awful pandemic.

“I will never take it for granted.

“My priorities are your priorities: Improving our local ambulance service, GPs and hospitals.

“Supporting our farmers and defending our rural way of life.

“Helping our communities through this new wave of COVID.

“As your MP, I promise I will work for you and only you. I will always put local people and our communities first.

“Whether you supported me or supported someone else, I want to let you know that I am here to represent you and to stand up for everyone in North Shropshire.

“Thank you.”

Izzy, Radley and the Moseley Lib Dem team with Helen Morgan MP

Only 1-in-3 pharmacies in England wanting to give booster jabs get the go-ahead 

Only 1-in-3 pharmacies in England wanting to give booster jabs have been given the go-ahead  to do so. In the meantime GP Surgeries are struggling to meet demand and suspending all other appointments.
Fewer than one third of the 4,733 pharmacies that applied to take part in the booster vaccination programme have been accepted, figures uncovered by the Liberal Democrats have revealed.
Some pharmacies are waiting up to eleven weeks to be approved to give out Covid vaccines and booster jabs. If that wait was repeated from today, a pharmacy would not be able to provide vaccinations until March next year. By the end of September 2021, fewer than one third of the 4,733 pharmacies that applied to take part in the booster vaccination programme had been accepted. Of these, just 1,336 community pharmacy vaccination sites were actively providing the service as of 3 December.The figures were provided in response to a parliamentary question tabled by Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Daisy Cooper MP. They show that on average pharmacies are having to wait more than 6 weeks for applications to be approved by NHS England, with at least one waiting as long as 78 days.One pharmacy in Daisy Cooper’s constituency of St Albans, which has one of the worst Covid rates in the country, says they applied twice to become a vaccination centre only to be rejected. The first time they were not given a reason and the second time they were told that the government had “enough capacity”.The Liberal Democrats are calling on the government to get a grip of the crisis and ensure applications submitted by pharmacies that were rejected are urgently reviewed, to help meet the target of boosting up to one million people a day.
Liberal Democrat Health and Social Care Spokesperson Daisy Cooper MP said:

“Community pharmacies can play a critical role in getting boosters into arms in the coming weeks, while taking pressure off our GPs and NHS staff.

“So it is staggering that some pharmacies applied several times to help provide booster jabs only to be rejected, while others have waited a shocking 78 days to be approved.

“Ministers completely took their eye off the ball on the booster programme which has left millions without vital protection. Sajid Javid must now get a grip of this crisis,  ensure NHS England speeds up the application process and deals with these bureaucratic delays.

“Every pharmacy that has applied in the past should be given an opportunity to take part in this critical national effort.”

At last – a new bin for the Flakes/Costa alley

After months of nagging the council has at last emptied and replaced a full, smelly and broken waste bin in the alley between Flakes fish and chip shop and the former Costa Coffee that leads up to the Church Yard in St Mary’s Row. It really shouldn’t take four months, numerous emails, three council visits and a frustrated rant from Izzy saying she would empty it herself, to get some action. We are hoping now the businesses, residents and landlord will work together to keep it tidy.

Moseley’s LTN enters its next stage.

The details of Tranche 2 of the Kings Heath and Moseley Places for People aka Low Traffic Neighbourhood have been released by Birmingham City Council.

Details of the proposals which include four designs, two for each side of Kings Heath High Street and stretching across the ‘Moseley triangle’ to Wake Green Road and Yardley Wood Road, can be viewed on the Council’s consultation website, where you can also make comments:

A series of engagement events are scheduled in October, including an online information / question and answer session on – Tuesday 5th October at 6pm

An online briefing for businesses is to be held on Wednesday 6th October at 3pm.

Further drop in sessions are listed on the website and plans and questionnaires will be available at Kings Heath Library.

Moseley Forum will be holding a public meeting to discuss the proposals on Tuesday 26th October.

The consultation closes on 5th November, after which the council say they will prepare a final plan for implementation under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order in early 2022.  

We are already aware of some confusion and different interpretation of what the designs will mean in practice. We also know that the project is controversial and if it goes ahead will bring huge changes to travel in our neighbourhood. 

We urge everyone to take time to go to one or more of the events and to ask questions.

Izzy has written to Birmingham Connected to ask for much better engagement with businesses located in the project area,  including a one to one visit from a Council Officer to any business that requests it. The potential impact on businesses must not be underestimated.

She has pointed out that residents who do not have access to the internet need more information on how to comment and an address to send their feedback. The council needs to ensure the consultation and information to assist in making an evidence based decision is available to everyone. The council should also publish its equalities and impact assessment report.

We have also noticed no mention has been made of the number 34 bus which travels hourly between the City and Kings Heath along Billesley Lane and Oxford Road
We are very keen to hear first hand what residents and businesses think about the proposals, and we will be talking to as many of you as we can in the next few weeks. 

Continuing to support EU citizens

Izzy asked an important question at Birmingham City Council full council meeting as a member of the pro EU pressure group, EU IN BRUM.

Funding to support EU, EEA & Swiss citizens to secure Settled Status and ensure their continued rights in the UK ends at the end of September. Yet there are still 1000’s of people who need help now or in the future, especially those granted pre-settled status who will need to re-apply for full settled status after five years UK residence. Their continued right to live in this country is by no means guaranteed.

We were pleased to hear Birmingham City Council do plan to apply for government funding to continue this support. This is vital for charities like Centrala, Asirt Birmingham and Central England Law Centre to be able to continue their work with vulnerable people across Birmingham.

It will also mean the Council EUSS working group, of which Izzy is a member, can continue to meet to assess the situation of EUSS across Birmingham, tackle issues as they arise and offer networking and other support to the charities involved in the group.

How many collisions does it take for action on Billesley Lane?

Last November Izzy wrote to our local Councillors and our Neighbourhood Police Sergeant and Police Inspector about the alarming frequency and seriousness of collisions on Billesley Lane.

Since then we have received lots of assurances , repainted white lines and in March Vehicle Activation Signs were installed to monitor and record speed.

What we have not seen is a reduction in racing, speeding or serious collisions.
Following two further bad collisions, both in the early hours, within the last 10 days Izzy has once again written to our local Councillors and Police. as below:

Dear Kerry, Martin, Tom and Neil
Last November I wrote to you all about the increase of serious collisions in Billesley Lane. Since that email at least another four serious collisions have occurred in the stretch of road between the One Stop shop and the Tennis Club. They are mainly situated at or near the two junctions, with Greenhill/Dyott and Oxford Roads.  That is seven collisions in just over a year. The latest two collisions, within just over a week have occurred in the early hours. The majority of the collisions have involved young male drivers and speed is the biggest factor. These are not minor shunts. In every case cars have been damaged to such an extent they are written off. In some serious damage has been caused to property including garden walls, a front window and porch.
A recent email from the Highways Engineer Garry Dalton in response to local resident’s continued concerns sets out the criteria for assessing roads for traffic safety measures as follows: 
“As you are aware the need for traffic safety measures are prioritised according to reported numbers of injury collisions with locations considered by the Capital Programmes teams for inclusion as a potential Local Safety Scheme.  The Capital Programme team have recently evaluated all similar requests received to put together the Local Safety Scheme element of the Capital Programme for 2022/23 and Billesley Lane was not included. Typically, priority is given to sites that have 9 or more Road traffic collisions over a 3 year period, where injuries have been sustained.
The collision history for the length of Billesley Lane has been checked, for a period of 3 years to end of May 2021 to reveal that there have been three injury collisions recorded here.   All three of these collisions resulted in slight injuries and speed was attributed as a contributing factor in only one of them. 
This is not an exceptional collision history, in comparable terms, and therefore, based on this information, this location wouldn’t gain high enough priority for traffic calming measures when compared with other roads with adverse collision records”.

I don’t know when the criteria of 9 serious injury collisions over a 3 year period was decided or re-assessed, I suspect it was some years ago, but it seems more attuned to a motorway or busy A road rather than an unclassified  road in a  residential suburb. By insisting collision history has to involve serious injuries it does not take into account the big improvements in safety to vehicle occupants, such as seat belts, air bags and vehicle design . It does not take into account other factors that make the location so dangerous to others such as proximity to residential and community premises, a church hall used daily by children groups, sports club, allotments, garage, local shop and now a take away/ restaurant with associated high number of children, pedestrians and cyclists. Nor does it consider the layout of the road and factors that increase the likelihood of collisions occurring. 
Another reason I believe the criteria is flawed is that police are attending fewer collisions, especially if no injuries are reported. That means evidence of drink, drugs (including increasing use of nitrous oxide) and excessive speed as factors is not being recorded or assessed. Neither are the police gaining intelligence on increasing use of vehicles by young men for racing and cruising.  Yet, photographs obtained by residents often show the huge impact these collisions are having on the local community. However this information is not acted on which results in a negative view of the authorities and a reduction in community confidence and relations. 
I would like to see a whole different approach to prioritising traffic safety measures based on a ‘near miss’ criteria involving the factors listed above rather than injury caused. 
I would also point out that 20 years ago a fatal collision did occur in Billesley Lane when a cyclist was killed in the early hours by a driver who misjudged the bends. Following that collision the current speed humps and pedestrian refuges were put in place, however despite a rise in volume of traffic accompanied by numerous and increasingly serious collisions no serious attempt has ever been made to address the obvious issues  with the layout of the road. 
I am aware that the proposals for Tranche 2 of the Kings Heath / Moseley LTN are due to be released very soon. I am hopeful they include significant measures which will make a huge difference to the residents every day experience of living in or travelling along Billesley Lane. If they do not then I would urge you to reconsider the use of this years Ward Minor Measures Transport Programme. Would that be sufficient to install two chicanes at strategic points? At the very least some crash bollards could be installed  to prevent vehicles leaving the road whilst  consideration is given to what other measures are available and how to obtain funding.
 I remember well Councillor Trickett , when talking of the traffic issues in School Road, insisting that the safety of children is not something that can be compromised. I appreciate everything you have been trying to do but sooner or later someone is going to be killed in Billesley Lane in an incident where the warning signs have been apparent for years. 
Very best wishes

18,400 families in Birmingham Hall Green constituency face heartless government Universal Credit cut

As many as 42% of hard-pressed families across Birmingham Hall Green constituency face being left worse off when the government end the uplift to Universal Credit next month. 

New data from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation exposes the true nature of how badly some areas will be hit by the £20 Universal Credit cut, which is opposed by Izzy, Radley and Birmingham Hall Green Liberal Democrats.  In the report, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimate that the Universal Credit cut alone could force 500,000 people, almost half of them children, into poverty. Their breakdown shows that some 18,400  families in Birmingham Hall Green Constituency , which includes Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, Balsall Heath, Hall Green, Kings Heath and Moseley will be harmed by the governments uplift cut, with 64% of families with children  being affected adversely.

Responding to the data, Izzy Knowles, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson said:
“The community of Birmingham Hall Green has had to pull itself through this pandemic, while dealing with this incompetent heartless Conservative government, this cut will do untold damage to so many of our local families.  There is no question that Government has to reverse this needless cut and support normal working people here. Birmingham Liberal Democrats are calling for the Universal Credit uplift to be made permanent.” 

Liberal Democrat Work and Pensions Spokesperson Wendy Chamberlain MP added:“Just as we begin to hope that Covid is being tamed in the UK, the Government is ripping support from millions of families across the country. We cannot have a full recovery if families are struggling to make ends meet.

“The Prime Minister’s claim that he wants people to live by their own ‘efforts’ rather than ‘welfare’ shows how out of touch he really is. With almost half of those receiving Universal Credit already in work and with many having young families, this cut will leave parents and their children behind despite their efforts.”

The saga of the clanking Moseley manhole covers

Anyone visiting Moseley over the past six months could not fail to notice the loud clanging every few seconds as vehicles drive over a manhole cover in middle of the traffic light junction, Alcester Road at Salisbury Road.
It was first reported to the council as far back as April. In June some workmen turned up, examined the drain cover and went away again. In July Izzy found out that Severn Trent were the company responsible and sent them a video via Twitter which seems to be the best method of corresponding with most utility company’s these days.

Severn Trent duly supplied a job number and a promise to carry out a repair. In August Severn Trent’s contractors, Network Plus suddenly noticed due to patches in the tarmac that another unknown company had carried out a repair at the location on some unspecified date in the past. This they decided was a good reason to refer the job back to Birmingham City Council.
In the mean time a second manhole cover has become loose, so now we have double clanking. This second manhole cover has no signs of previous road repairs. Izzy duly made a further referral to Severn Trent with the request that if they have to go to all the trouble to close a junction to fix one manhole cover, two would not be such an extra burden. Unfortunately the computer says no department couldn’t see the logic of this at all.

Izzy has now written to the Principal Traffic Officer who has allocated the job to Kier Highways and sent a stern letter to Severn Trent.
Maybe the clanking will be fixed soon — watch this space!

Refugees always welcome in Brum

Refugees are welcome here in Birmingham. Moseley Forum was the first community organisation to endorse the campaign for Birmingham to become a City of Sanctuary in 2015. The West’s failure to effectively state-build and safeguard citizens in Afghanistan is something that we must take responsibility for. And we as a city must do our bit and be more ambitious in providing humanitarian relief to the citizens of Afghanistan. It’s good to see Birmingham City Council discussing how we can combine our efforts to help Afghan refugees at this difficult time. Our Lib Dem Leader Cllr Jon Hunt contributed to the discussion: “This is very welcome and the cabinet member is quite right in saying there is a moral obligation.” Birmingham City Council must be awake to the challenge of welcoming refugees 👍🔶 You can learn more about the work of Birmingham City of Sanctuary including how you can help and volunteer here

We are not safe until we are all safe

Radley has worked on a video with some of our local residents – calling for the importance of why receiving the vaccination is important to us. It’s been a month since legal restrictions were lifted and it’s positive to see that COVID cases are continuing to fall. However, mindful public behaviour is still crucial to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread. It’s important to remember that COVID is still present and we all need to do our part to keep each other safe. The Government’s statistics released yesterday show that there had been 35 positive COVID tests here in Moseley , 31 patients were admitted to Birmingham University Hospitals (QE Group), giving a total of 213 patients currently being treated for COVID in the last month. Please keep safe. For more information about how you can get vaccinated and do your bit to stay safe, please visit the website. 🔶

Talking to residents in Billesley Lane

Izzy & Radley went out talking with local residents on Billesley Lane, about the top issues affecting their road. The main issue was, as we expected, constant speeding and racing of cars. Safety at the junction of Wake Green Road is a concern and a very bad collision there yesterday highlighted this. Other issues raised were litter, fly tipping , potholes and lack of youth services. There was a very positive response on the doorstep.
We must take action to make our roads safer for everyone 👍🔶

Could you recognise Cuckooing?

Cuckooing is where someone takes advantage of a vulnerable person and turns their home into a drugs den.
Izzy, as a retired police officer has seen first hand the harm this type of activity can cause both to a vulnerable person and the community around them. If you have any concerns for an individual in Moseley call 101, use West Midlands Police live chat or report to Crime stoppers. Or let us know. We can report for you in confidence

Tackling fly tipping in Sandford Road

Earlier this year Izzy wrote to the owner of this land in Sandford Road which had become a dumping ground for furniture and other rubbish. The council will not collect fly tipping from private land. After further contact with the owner last month we are pleased to say the land has been cleared and the fence repaired which should prevent further dumping.

Izzy & Radley lobby for more Moseley roads to be included on the councils resurfacing programme.

The Council has published its proposed list of roads and footways for resurfacing treatments in the 2021/22 Highway Maintenance Works Programme.

The list has a total of 183 carriageway and footway schemes across the City, but disappointingly Moseley only gets three of them. The roads to be done are School Road, Stoney Lane and Yew Tree Road. While we very much welcome the inclusion of these three roads, with around 150 roads in total in Moseley, having just three resurfaced and no footways done, is not good for our area. Last year only one road in the ward, Belle Walk was re-surfaced so at this rate it would take over 50 years to reach the whole ward without even thinking of footpath resurfacing.

Izzy and Radley have submitted petitions signed by local residents to Kevin Hicks, the Assistant Director of Highways and Infrastructure at Birmingham City Council for both Chantry Road and Anderton Park Road to be added to this years list. Chantry Road is a cycle route and school street with a very poor and dangerous surface. Anderton Park Road is similarly also full of potholes, especially the section between Stoney Lane and Woodstock Road and is also a street used by school pupils. Pot holes and splits in the tarmac are not only dangerous for cyclists and motor cyclists they also cause damage to vehicles so increasing pollution in our atmosphere.

You can sign the petitions here:

Chantry Road Anderton Park Road

The Council are asking for feedback on the programme, so there is still a chance to change it – please let us know if there are other roads you would like us to lobby to be added to the programme and we will push hard for them to be done, if not this year then included in the next round of investment .
The Council anticipate that this years programme will commence towards the end of August 2021, but timing is still to be confirmed.

Alcohol Restricted Zone no longer valid in Moseley

Last week Izzy wrote to Sergeant Tom O’Keeffe asking for increased patrols in Moseley Village and for enforcement of the Alcohol Restricted Zone (ARZ) . This was following a number of reported incidents of damage to, and theft from businesses, rowdy and drunken behaviour on the village green and fighting, which she witnessed, in the churchyard. Businesses have reported that customers are put off from visiting them due to the anti social behaviour of a group, which includes some new faces. They are loud, intimidating and sometimes aggressive. They dominate the benches and the bus stop and are now regularly causing issues in the church yard. They are drinking alcohol in the street, steadily from morning until night time.

Since Izzy’s email there have been more patrols by the PCSO’s and visits to the businesses mostly affected, which is welcome but is not addressing the real problem.

What is concerning is Sgt O’Keeffe also confirmed that officers were not enforcing the ARZ as he has been advised by his licensing officer that it had been superseded by the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) introduced in 2017 and is no longer valid .

The PSPO itself expired in October 2020 and was not renewed by Birmingham City Council, despite calls from the local Police and community groups such as Moseley Forum and Moseley Society. A scrutiny report issued in October 2020 explains the council wished to introduce a new process for implementing PSPO’s which would be introduced ‘in the coming year’.
The local police have this month submitted an evidenced report to Birmingham City Council for consideration of renewal of the Moseley & Kings Heath PSPO. A decision is not expected until at least the autumn.

Izzy has written to the council licensing department to clarify the situation with regard to the Alcohol Restricted Zone, originally introduced in 2003, which is still listed on the council website and advertised with signage in the village and beyond.

In the meantime though that signage is not worth the metal it is written on. No one is taking any notice of it and the police are not enforcing it. That is not good news for the businesses or the residents of Moseley over this coming summer.

Smashed window at Onkar Eye Society

Tree Preservation Order for Church Road

Earlier in June we wrote about a case where Izzy helped some tenants whose new landlord had turned their home into a building site. See the post here

Shortly after that post Izzy was alerted by nearby residents that a beautiful and established copper beech tree had been felled at the front of the same premises. Izzy went to speak to the contractors, but was unable to prevent it being removed. The road is not in a conservation area and the tree was not protected with a TPO.

The lovely copper beech tree couldn’t be saved

A year ago Izzy had written to the council tree officer asking for that particular tree to be preserved by a TPO , however sadly that hadn’t happened.

The recent decision to refuse the planning application for the building had even mentioned three trees at the property, including the lost copper beech, being of public amenity value. The lack of a specific arboricultural method statement and tree protection plan had contributed to the decision for refusal.

After the tree was felled Izzy immediately contacted the tree officer again and arranged a site visit. As a result a TPO has now been authorised to protect the two remaining lime and copper beech trees.

The tree before it was felled

A star for Steve

Izzy and Radley have been helping a local resident from Moseley, Jim the Hat and his friends, put together a petition to get a star on Broad St for Brummie rock legend Steve Gibbons. Jim is a big fan and has wanted to do this for a long time. We’ve talked to the Westside BID manager and we’ll make a case and Jim can present the petition, probably at the end of July.
Steve was born in Harborne in 1941, and in July will celebrate his 80th birthday. He still lives in Birmingham and has devoted his many talents to the city, including years of fund raising for causes such as Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Sign the petition

Broad Street is currently undergoing a transformation, with the addition of a tram service which will bring more people to enjoy this special part of our city. What better time could there be to celebrate the re-opening of the area with a new star  recognising the life and works of an iconic local Brummie in his 80th year

Five years on ….

Five years on from that referendum and Vote Leave’s broken promises, it is the people who didn’t have a vote who are the most affected. We have upped our campaign to find EU nationals who have not yet applied or are having difficulty with Settled Status. In the past eighteen months Izzy & Radley have written letters to EU/EEA/Swiss national’s across Hall Green constituency informing them of the deadline to apply on 30th June, asking them to spread the word and offering assistance with applications.

Recently they contacted the Business Improvement Districts across Birmingham asking them to advertise the scheme, especially to the hospitality industry. Mike Olley of Westside BID responded by offering to contact every EU national employed in his BID area. His efforts and blog post were reported by Birmingham Live here

Several people have replied to the letters, one of whom was Gabriella Muller of Kings Heath. She agreed to be interviewed by Birmingham Live to help appeal to other EU nationals across Birmingham.
Gabriella said in her interview: “Izzy had sent me a letter six month ago and I thought I would keep it.”But even then I still didn’t fully appreciate what I had to do and it was only when my friend went to the embassy that I realised I really did have to apply – and before June 30.”I thought ‘That can’t be right. I live here. I’ve got my house here. My kids are here. My grandchildren are here!’
You can read the full interview here

We believe it suits the Conservative government to disenfranchise sections of the population and the local Labour administration talk but don’t act. Liberal Democrats consistently stand up for EU citizens rights and will continue to do so as long as it takes. We support the campaigns of The Three Million for a physical proof of status, and for unilateral rights to vote and the campaign of the European Movement on citizens rights

Just one person falling victim to a future Windrush type scandal is a failure of the whole scheme and betrayal of the millions of people who have made their home here and to whom the Leave campaign promised would retain ‘the exact same benefits’.

Tackling rogue landlords

Izzy has written to Birmingham City Council calling for notice to be served on the owners of 65, Church Road, Moseley for building work to be immediately halted due to safety concerns.
The new owners purchased the property earlier this year with six sitting tenants. Three of them are still living in the property and have a legal right to stay until at least 13th August . Despite that the new owners have sent the builders in and completely gutted the vacated parts of the property and the communal areas.
Journalists from Birmingham Live reported the appalling conditions the tenants have been left in and approached the owners NSH Properties for comment. You can read their report here together with interviews with Izzy and the tenants.
Izzy is supporting the tenants who have been incredibly brave in speaking out. The landlords are clearly only concerned in furthering their business interests, and have demonstrated a total disregard for the responsibilities taken on as a purchaser of a property with sitting tenants. Their uncaring attitude makes them unfit to be landlords, in our view.
The statement made to the reporter that the property is to be converted back to a family home has no credibility when you consider recent planning applications to extend upwards and outwards and add more flats have been refused by Birmingham City Council.

EU Settlement Scheme Deadline is 30th June – Can you EUaskFive today?

Last month on 9th May we celebrated Europe Day, you may have seen the banner and bunting on Moseley Village Green. Moseley is the home of hundreds of EU/EEA & Swiss citizens, who enrich our community, and help make Birmingham the diverse and vibrant place we know and love. 

But there is a deadline looming, which we all need to know about. 

 30th June 2021 is the cut off period for applying to the EU settlement scheme. Many thousands of EU citizens across Birmingham have successfully obtained Settled Status, but there are still people out there who are yet to apply. They could be elderly and lived here for many years, married to a UK citizen and not aware the scheme applies to them, students who arrived before the end of the transition period or children who even though born here are not automatically eligible for UK citizenship.

It is imperative that EU citizens and non EU/UK family members who came to live in the UK before 1st January 2021  apply to the Settlement Scheme to secure  the right to remain here after 1st July. Failure to do so will leave people as undocumented migrants and could lead to loss of rights to work, study, rent or buy property and access free healthcare.

Izzy volunteers with the independent charity ‘Settled’  to help EU/EEA & Swiss citizens and their families obtain settled status.

We are asking everyone to promote EUask5. 

Ask 5 EU/EEA or Swiss citizens if they have applied to the settlement scheme. Then ask them and all your friends and neighbours to do the same.

If you need help to apply or more information on Settled Status or EU citizens rights post Brexit you can contact me through this website, email or call 07784 155208.

People with dual UK/other citizenship, Irish citizens and people with documented Indefinite Leave to Remain (eg a stamp or sticker in their passport ,letter from the Home Office, biometric residence permit), do not need to apply. However Irish citizens and those with Indefinite Leave to Remain can apply if they wish , and it is worth checking the Government website for why they might want to.

You can apply on line for Settled Status via the Government website

Birmingham City Council has published a list of local organisations that offer advice or help with applying.

EUask5 today

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