Neighbourhood Policing on brink of collapse

Birmingham Liberal Democrats have tabled a motion ahead of today’s city council meeting calling for the Government to increase funding. We will also call on the Police and Crime Commissioner to look at the state of community policing.

The move comes after a survey we carried out across the city revealed growing levels of dissatisfaction with the service.

You can read about the results in this article in the Birmingham Evening Mail


Izzy has spoken to a number of Moseley residents who have been victims of crime and what we hear about the lack of contact from police is disturbing.
We have fantastic neighbourhood teams both in Moseley & Kings Heath and in Springfield but the good work built up over many years by dedicated Sergeants and their teams is being eroded and community policing skills are being lost.
Two officers from our neighbourhood team are moving on, one about now and one in the new year. I am seeking assurances they will be replaced.
They are already stretched so much they are struggling to deal with what is seen as low risk crime and anti social behaviour- but if not tackled leads to more harm in the community.
The monthly police neighbourhood tasking meeting has ceased to be a two way community/police partnership process and has become a an ‘update and contact’ meeting leaving many residents frustrated at the lack of progress on community concerns.
Birmingham’s Liberal Democrat council group will be pressing for action to stop the collapse of community policing, warning that effective local policing is vital for effective crime prevention.


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