New development near to Edgbaston Cricket Ground. We’d like to hear your views.

What are the proposals?

Patrizia, a leading property investor, and Warwickshire County Cricket Club are currently preparing plans for The Residences at Edgbaston.  The site is located on the corner of Pershore Road and Edgbaston Road on what is currently the main car parking area for the Cricket Ground.

You can see all the plans and proposals  here

Comments to the developers must be made by 1st June 2018. 

The proposed development will include 375 apartments in a complex which includes a 15 story building, as well as shops, cafe’s restaurant and a gym.  There will be 331 resident car parking spaces and 22 commercial car parking spaces.

Concerns have been raised many times at Moseley Forum and other meetings about the impact on local residential streets of parking at large events both at the Cricket Ground and Cannon Hill Park

The developers say they have provided more car parking spaces than advised to by the city council. They do seem keen on promoting public transport and this is an opportunity to engage in a debate about the public transport options and cycling provision  at that location .

We would be very interested to hear your views



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