EU 27 Citizens are you ready to vote? Don’t let youselves be disenfranchised.


Citizens of other EU countries who live in the UK can elect to vote for UK MEPs in the European elections on 23rd May. I contacted Birmingham City Council in early April and they assured me that a  form UC1  will be sent out by Council Elections Office automatically to EU27 citizens registered to vote in the UK.

The form needs to be completed and returned to the elections office  no later than Tuesday 7th May, even if it has been completed previously.

However, as I write Birmingham City Council has been woefully slow in this, with many EU27 citizens not having received anything and others contacted by email only. The local Liberal Democrat Councillors are now chasing the Elections Office to find out what is happening.

So don’t leave it to them. Download the form UC1 and send it to ensure your vote

Failing to engage properly will only lead to more disenfranchisement of EU citizens in the UK.  As this  Article in the Independent   describes, the introduction of extra administrative burden, poorly handled by local authorities resulted in a dramatic decline of EU27 citizens voting in the UK, falling from 1,043,629 registered to vote in 2009 to 327,883 five years later in 2014.

If you are not registered to vote, you have to do so AND return the UC1 form by
7th May 2019. You can find more information on what to do here: Your Vote Matters
If you wish to vote in Birmingham this is the address of the Elections Office.

Elections Office
Council House
Victoria Square
West Midlands
B1 1BB
Telephone: 0121 303 2731
Fax: 0121 212 1065
Opening Times:
Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 9am to 4pm

The  Liberal Democrats are the STOP BREXIT party, consistently fighting for YOUR RIGHTS since the referendum and we fully support the campaigning of the The 3 Million

Let’s be leaders not quitters! 


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