Citizens Rights affect us all.

On Sunday we celebrated Europe Day.
This week the Guardian and Italian newspaper La Republica have reported about the treatment some Europeans have received after travelling to the UK: having their possessions taken off them, imprisoned, forbidden from making calls. It genuinely makes us feel angry and ashamed of what our government is allowing, what our government is doing, what our government is showing not just to Europe but the rest of the world. The government’s behaviour in this regard could have baleful consequences for UK citizens travelling to the EU in future and could further sour our already damaged relationships with EU member states. The outcry, and the amazing scenes in Glasgow, where an attempted deportation on the day of Eid al-Fitr was stopped by a passionate, welcoming crowd, illustrates that, more than ever, citizens’ rights need to be defended for everyone. As part of the Stories of Brexit campaign led by the European Movement, EU in Brum is proud to host its first ever webinar on Citizens’ Rights in the UK and the EU.
They have four great speakers:
Luke Piper, Head of Policy for the 3million
Fiona Godfrey, co-chair of British in Europe
Pawel Koloziej, Midlands area Service Coordinator for the charity Settled
Lord Andrew Adonis, Chair of the European Movement.
The webinar will begin at 7 pm on Friday 21st May.
You can register to join the evening here:…/citizens-rights-after…

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