Art not tags

Izzy recently sent a dossier of photo evidence to Birmingham Police following the identification of a person graffiti tagging in the city centre. The evidence showed the tag ‘ORB’ was prolific across Moseley and Kings Heath. The person has today admitted the tagging and as part of a community resolution has agreed to be party to a Community Protection Warning (CPW), which gives him strict conditions not to carry any item which may cause any sort of graffiti damage, across the whole of Birmingham. He will be writing a letter of apology to businesses whose premises were tagged and taking part in a local graffiti clean up. He states that he will not be tagging across Bham again. These are a few of the tags, many have since been removed by businesses, the council or the community group Moseley Litterbusters. Carefully designed street art in appropriate places is a wonderful way to enhance public areas, but indiscriminate prolific thoughtless ‘tagging’ costs businesses and the public purse tens of thousands of pounds a year to remove, it impacts on the local economy and environment and increases the fear of crime and social isolation.

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