Save The Dell in Wake Green Park

We have recently been made aware of the proposals of the Wake Green Park Management Company to sell a piece of land on the site to the property developer MIA Property group. We are extremely concerned about this decision and the impact it will have on residents of Wake Green Park, particularly those in Bowen Court as they over look the site.

We have written to the Wake Green Park management company via their managing agents. Metro PM to make representations on behalf of residents:

Dear Metro PM 

We have been contacted by a number of residents of Wake Green Park in Moseley concerning the sale of the wooded area at the   rear of Bowen Court known as The Dell.

We understand from a conversation I had with a representative from Metro PM on 18th February that the Management board for Wake Green Park have instructed you to start the statutory process required to sell this land and that an offer of £500,000 has been received from MIA property group. If the land is sold MIA will presumably apply for planning permission to develop it as a separate site to Wake Green Park with the entry/exit from Yardley Wood Road.  

From our conversations with residents, who are also shareholders, it seems that although a vote was held two years ago to erect security gates at the site many were unaware of the sale of the Dell until they received notification via yourselves earlier this month.

They were also not made aware that The Dell was designated a nature conservation area by Birmingham City Council in 1985 and has a Tree Preservation Order. It is also the home to a badger sett.

Although we understand that Wake Green Management board members are elected to represent their shareholders we are concerned that this significant decision, which will affect the many residents on the site, who have little or no access to green open spaces, has been made with insufficient consultation. 

We are aware that leaseholders have a statutory period in which they could make an offer to purchase the land themselves, however we feel this is not a realistic option judging on the number of units in the estate and arguably the land does already belong to shareholders as part of their lease.

We are therefore writing to make representations to the Wake Green Management board to urge them to further consult with leaseholders to properly inform them of:

a) the history and significance of The Dell as a nature reserve, which has an abundance of wildlife including a protected badger sett and a TPO.

b) the rationale behind the decision to sell the site.

c) full details of how the revenue from the sale of the site are proposed to be used.   

We are aware there is an AGM on 10th March and this would be an opportunity to discuss the issue with residents but we also urge the board to write to shareholders with this information if possible before the AGM.

We would be grateful for an acknowledgement of this email and that it has been forwarded to board members.

Best wishes

Izzy Knowles

Izzy Knowles & Radley Russell
Moseley Lib Dems
Local*Visible*Hands On

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