Community Speedwatch – Anderton Park Road

Izzy went out with the Moseley Community Speedwatch team again yesterday, helped by our local PCSO’s. This time we were in Anderton Park Road at the junction of Woodstock Road.

10 drivers will be sent warning letters for exceeding 20mph. The main aim of Speedwatch is to raise public awareness of the dangers of speeding. It is not designed to fine or prosecute people, but if really dangerous driving is witnessed the PCSO’s will follow that through.

Most traffic collisions are caused by drivers losing concentration or if at traffic lights because they think they can beat the lights. No one sets out on a journey to injure someone or wreck their car, so if we can make people think more about their standards of driving that is a good thing.

The Community Speedwatch team is now out regularly in different parts of Moseley so if you see them say hello. They are all volunteer residents giving up their time to promote road safety across the area.

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