Making Russell Road safer

A consultation has launched today for speed reduction measures on Russell Road. This has come about following years of campaigning by local residents who have gathered data and submitted petitions to evidence their concerns. We thank them for their persistence and welcome the proposals. We also hope this can help lead to a review of how we manage road safety across a wider area, taking into account other roads with similar issues.

“As part of an area-wide safety scheme, the speed limit on Russell Road, Moseley and surrounding roads was reduced to 20 mph in October 2016. However, traffic surveys carried out in September 2020 show there are still some issues with vehicles speeding along the road.

There have also been concerns in recent years regarding a number of collisions along the road, with the most up to date data from the last five years (May 2017- 2022) showing there were 30 reported personal injury collisions. There has however been a reduction in the number of collisions reported on Russell Road since the city council implemented a safety scheme at the junction of Russell Road and Moor Green Lane in 2018.

Three options have been developed with the aim of moderating vehicle speeds, continuing to reduce the likelihood of collisions and preventing dangerous overtaking along Russell Road. All three options, as part of the traffic calming measures, propose to introduce a new zebra crossing at the southern end of Russell Road, as well as link into existing proposals for a zebra crossing with parallel cycle crossing facility at the northern end of Russell Road which is part of the proposed Cannon Hill park to Moseley cycle route.

This consultation is part of the design process, to gain feedback on a preferred scheme from residents, businesses and people in the local area who could be impacted by the scheme”

You can take part in the consultation here: It closes 16th August.

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