The Wake Green Park Dell – Saved!

Earlier this month Councillor Izzy Knowles wrote a joint letter, together with Councillor Jenkins, to the Wake Green Park Management Board concerning the proposed sale of the area known as The Dell which is behind Bowen Court.

She first voiced her concerns a year ago when it transpired the board were considering selling The Dell, which was designated a Nature Conservation Area by Birmingham City Council in 1985, has protected species and a Tree Preservation Order, to the MIA property group .
Since that time she became further concerned about what appears to be a lack of transparency over the proposed sale towards the shareholders, who are all residents on the estate. She urged the Board to discuss the issue with shareholders at the forthcoming AGM.

Councillor Knowles has today learned that MIA property group have now withdrawn their offer to purchase The Dell after being informed by the council they would be unlikely to be given planning permission for a number of reasons, including the concerns raised by Councillors and residents.

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