Kings Heath and Moseley Places for People – latest

Birmingham City Council has published the outline business case for the second phase of the Kings Heath and Moseley Places for People scheme, setting out the next steps in the process. The business case will be presented to cabinet on 17th January. If approved the plans will see the following introduced and we will keep residents and businesses informed as to the next steps:

• Modal filters and one-way streets at various locations across the area

• A bus gate, on Addison Road

• Traffic calming along Billesley Lane

• All roads within the area, including boundary roads, to have a 20mph speed limit

BCC says: ‘Further localised consultation will be carried out on the bus gate, traffic calming and 20mph speed limit and there will be statutory consultation carried out later in 2023 on any Traffic Regulation Orders required to implement the schemes’.

If approved the scheme will now be delivered under a permanent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) rather than an Experimental Order as was previously proposed. BCC say: ‘Proceeding with a permanent TRO will still afford citizens and stakeholders a right to make a submission to the statutory consultation process (in advance of implementation)’.
The full report can be seen here.

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