Planning Ahead for Moseley

Moseley Ward Plan 2022-2026

The next Councillors Ward meeting will be held on:

Thursday 26th January 2022 7pm – 8.30pm

Moseley Hive, 93, Alcester Road, B13 8DD

The meeting will be devoted to putting together our Ward Plan & Priorities for the next four years. We very much want it to reflect the aspirations, vision and experience of our residents and businesses whilst fitting into the wider Birmingham Local Plan.

The plan will focus on the themes:

A Bold Prosperous Moseley

A Bold Inclusive Moseley

A Bold Safe Moseley

A Bold Healthy Moseley

A Bold Green Moseley

A Bold Local Moseley

A further ward meeting will take place in February to follow up on matters raised previously, especially focussing on road safety. The minutes of the last meeting held on 19th October 2022 can be read here:

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