Further update to the School Road closure proposal

Further to my previous posts on this (January 29th & July 20th 2018) I  received the below email from Gill Brook in answer to queries I raised. I have written back to ask that both Billesley Lane and Oxford Road residents are included in the letter to be sent out.  

From: Gill Brook <Gill.Brook@birmingham.gov.uk>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2018 at 10:16
Subject: RE: School Road Traffic Issues
To: Izzy Knowles <moseleylibdems@gmail.com>
Cc: Joe Green

Hi Izzy, thank you for your email. The information on the School Road Issues Facebook page was taken from a direct response to an email they sent in to our assistant director. The response was as follows:

Dear School Road Issues group

Thank you for your email of 13th August in response to the message sent out by Gill Brook on 19th July. I would like to respond to the points you have raised as follows:

  1. I can confirm that the experimental closure is still proposed for between Cotton Lane and Greenhill Road. There appears to have been a discrepancy between the information that was shown at the meeting in January 2018 and what was passed on from this. Apologies for any confusion, this has now been clarified.
  2. Before any scheme can be implemented, we need to take the proposal through the city council’s project management process, to obtain approval and release the required funding. The paperwork for this has been written, and is due to be taken through the first stage of this process on 10th September. With regards to the letter drop, this is not to formally consult on the experimental order but to make local residents, businesses and schools aware of what is being proposed as a matter of courtesy. There are many local people who would be affected by an experimental closure of School Road, and we need to make sure people in all local streets are informed of the proposal.
  3. Once the project management process is complete, and letters have been distributed across the local area informing people of the proposed experimental closure, the management of this scheme will be handed across to the local engineer. They will make the necessary arrangements for the implementation of the scheme. It is hoped that the timescale for this will be in the next couple of months. I am happy to look to arrange a meeting with yourselves along with relevant officers and local Councillors if you feel that this would be useful for further clarification and discussion. 

With regards to the questions you have asked:

  • The 64% figure refers to the total responses we received, including those from the meeting, and those we received after the meeting, including those that you kindly forwarded to us.

The total number of responses we received was 109.

This was made up of :

3 in favour of Option 1

1 in favour of Option 2

7 in favour of Option 3

28 in favour of Option 4

70 in favour of Option 5A/5B

  • We will be sending the community wide letter to the entire length of School Road, any road that leads directly off School Road (and roads leading off these), Valentine Road and Cambridge Road. The area will be bounded to the north-east by Oxford Road and to the east by Billesley Lane (but will not include these roads).
  • The public meeting was a resident led initiative, and therefore this is something that you would need to speak to the organisers about.

I hope that the information above answers your queries.

Kind regards, Gill

Gill Brook  BA (Comb Hons)

Senior Transportation Officer – Transportation Behaviour Change


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