Land at rear of Moor Green Lane/ Cadine Gardens

Birmingham City Council are consulting local residents about the demolition of six garages at the end of Cadine gardens, off Moor Green Lane. The letter mentioned a development on the patch of council owned land which boundaries on to 276-284, Moor Green Lane, Cadine Gardens, Moor Green Primary School & Seaton Grove, but gave no further details.


Following enquiries we have established that there are no current plans to sell the land but it is being considered as a site for affordable housing, to be managed by the   Birmingham Municiple Housing Trust

The council are aware that the site is heavily infested with Japanese Knotweed, which has spread into some neighbouring gardens. An appraisal has been done and it is planned to treat the knotweed over the next 12 months.

Moor Green Primary School have permission to use part of the land as a Forest School, however they have been asked not to go onto the site until the knotweed is fully eradicated.

You can find copies of  the following documents here which give more information about the site:

16517 – Final Site Plan

Map / Aerial plan showing ownership by committee. Blue is Housing land, Yellow is Education and Green is Leisure.

Cadine – holding by committee aerial 20 11 2018


Plan showing the easement for the sewers, highlighted yellow. This is the land which cannot be built on in the event of Severn Trent accessing the sewer. The proposed modules are shown along the boundary and in the middle

The council has identified the potential for modular homes along the boundary with the school and in the space between the two sewer pipes but  would provide further information for consultation when these have been finalised.

Some information can be found here about the likely design of the modular homes being considered Birmingham City Council modular housing plan

If you have further questions let me know and I can try to get answers for you.

Alternatively the Senior Housing Development Officer, Simon Felton is happy to answer questions as is the lead officer on the project Claire Carr. You can contact them on 0121 303 5722

It is important to note that nothing has yet been finalised and no planning application has been made. There will be a full consultation before anything is agreed.

If you have any signs of Japanese knotweed in your garden I advise you to inform Simon Felton.  It is illegal to allow it to spread. You can find government information on identifying and approved methods to dispose of it here 

If you should see Japanese knotweed in local parks or open spaces you can report it to the council here

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 18.27.41
Key identifying features of Japanese knotweed

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