What is your experience of the new bus routes?

How are the new bus routes working for you?
Do you think the National Express bus routes and timetables introduced in July are better than before or is there still room for improvement?
The bus company is consulting with Councillors on Wednesday 5th December and I’d be interested to know comments from Moseley bus users which I will pass on.
The main changes in Moseley were to:
The No 1 route, which saw the addition of a no 1A to the QE Hospital but reduced the frequency to Five Ways.
The no 2 & 3 so they now both go along Stoney Lane
The no 5 re-routed from Springfield Road / Stratford Road to Wake Green Road / Yardley Wood Road and then Showell Green Lane
A reminder of the changes can be found here


6 Replies to “What is your experience of the new bus routes?”

  1. No 5 route shocking, taken off Springfield road due to double parking say National express which IMO should be renamed “National go slow”.I have written to BCC about double parking their glib answer was “People can park anywhere as long as it isn’t On double yellow lines”
    No 5 bus has been running up Springfield road for over 50 years I am told. Councillor Nicky Brennan initially took up the cause and petition of 120 signatures was submitted to no avail. It is a route march to nearest bus stop. and vastly under used.


    1. Hi Susan. Thanks for the reply. I’ll include this in my feedback and ask Cllr Harmer to remind them of the petition. Best wishes


  2. We do need a 10-minute service to Five Ways, especially with the Metro due in a year or so. Perhaps better if the 1 could connect with a (more frequent?) service to the QE along the Bristol Road and the 1A be scrapped.

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