For the few not the many

I’m absolutely appalled and disgusted, but sadly not surprised:

Hall Green MP Roger Godsiff is seen in this video  making a statement in which he unequivocally supports people who are openly stoking up tension between the Muslim and LGBT community, people who are endorsing and spreading homophobic lies and misinformation, who have caused fear and distress to staff and parents and nearby residents of one of our local schools, who have rejected all attempts made to mediate and reassure and who are causing hours and hours of unnecessary police and council time to be spent preventing a breach of the peace and public order offences.
If that wasn’t enough at the same surgery Roger Godsiff went onto belittle a female Labour Councillor who had come in support of members of his constituency and then casually dismissed the concerns of other constituents who had come to talk to him about how they were being made to feel by these ongoing and increasingly intimidating protests. He says he has examined both sides, but then admitted he has the books the school uses in his office but hasn’t bothered to read them.
In these volatile times of rising intolerance and increased hate crimes, when 800 children in Birmingham have called Childline about homophobic bullying, when women are beaten up by teenagers, when people are abused for talking in another language, we need MP’s who are open, honest, visible, compassionate & understanding, but who will also challenge and stand up against hate of all kinds and use their position to make positive forward looking changes, not take us back to the past where discrimination was lawful and hate crime was ignored.
Roger is more than a dinosaur, by pandering to people who want to pick and choose between hard won equality rights to suit their own beliefs he is failing his many constituents in favour of the few.
He does not represent the people of Hall Green and it is time for him to move on.

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