Peoples Vote Rally: This is so much more than in or out.


Last night I spoke in front of over 1000 people who braved the pouring rain to come to the People’s Vote   rally at the University of Birmingham.

I spoke about why I just had to get involved and why I am so determined to keep campaigning.

‘Because I’ve come to realise there is so much more at stake than in or out. This is about US as a country. We are being manipulated by people who don’t care about the harm THEY will do to business, to the vulnerable, to ALL OF US. These people are fanatics with no real plan, but they’re all right Jack. They will be cushioned against the impact of the brick wall they will surely hit.
I will do everything I can to halt us on this undemocratic path to disaster that an imposed no deal Brexit would be. Nobody voted to make ourselves poorer, less safe, less influential in the world. The democratic answer to the mess we are in is to go back to the people in a Peoples Vote and to show that the best deal is the one we already have’.

You can see my full speech here: Izzy’s Peoples Vote speech

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