Moseley Road widening proposals

Transport for West Midlands have launched a consultation into proposals to relieve congestion on the no 50 bus route including A435 Moseley & Alcester Roads between the city centre and Moseley. The proposals include widening the road on the stretch past Moseley Road baths between Brighton/Taunton Road and Haden Way to create a bus lane in to city. This would however result in the narrowing of pavements and loss of four mature trees. Another proposal is to widen the bus lane entering Moseley village and to remove the pedestrian refuge at the Salisbury Road / St Mary’s Row junction crossing from Boots to the village green. I’m all for more efficient bus travel but I cannot see how either of these proposals will make the A435 less congested, less polluted, discourage car use, discourage parking in bus lanes or improve the public realm for cyclists or pedestrians. I made a  video showing where the bus lane will be.

You can see the full proposals and make your comments here The consultation closes on 22nd November

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