West Midlands 4 Europe making a noise in Brussels


I took a group from West Midlands 4 Europe to visit the European Parliament this week.

We joined up with the Lib Dem & Green MEP’s for a concert by the amazing Birmingham Folk Ensemble and the next day we held a rally getting on German and Spanish TV, the Washigton Post, Guardian and New European before visiting the European Parliament itself where we watched history in the making as MEPs debated the Brexit extension.

One of the things we learned from our visit to the European Committee of the Regions is that every region in the EU has local representatives, who help shape EU policies by working with MEPs to develop a closer relationship with local councils. They even vote on stuff! Our local representatives are Councillors Albert Bore (Birmingham) & Linda Robertson (Wychavon). Who knew that before? Suffice to say I will be asking Albert many more questions.
The sad thing that came up over and over again is how little is taught in UK schools about European history and that the EU was created as and still is a peace project. It’s like our history stopped at 1945.


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