Make YOUR Votes Matter in Brum

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Birmingham Lib Dem Councillors are bringing a motion on Proportional Representation  to the full council meeting on 4th February. The wording is as follows:

‘This Council believes it is vital that the results of elections to Birmingham City Council, and all Parish/Town Councils within the City, represent the views of the communities we serve as closely as possible.
We therefore resolve to lobby the Government to reform the electoral system for elections to Birmingham City, and all Parish/Town Councils within the City, to the Scottish system of Single Transferable Vote within multi member wards, which delivers a far fairer result, maintains the link between Councillors and communities and imposes a threshold of support that parties must pass to secure representation in any area.
Reforming the electoral system, in such a way, will not only produce a fairer result. It will also make elections competitive in every part of the City, whatever the national political background, radically reduce the need for tactical voting and give an opportunity for residents to choose between candidates from the same party’

If you live in Birmingham and would like to see a fairer system of electing your local representatives please share this and write to your local Councillors asking them to support it on 4th February.


You can find out who your local Councillors are here:  Birmingham Councillors

More info about PR can be found here:     Make Votes Matter

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