Moseley Pulls Together

If you live in Moseley and need support: call or text 07796 668257 or email

I am working with the Moseley Community Development Trust, the local ward Councillors and other volunteers to put together Moseley’s response to the Covid19 crisis.

You may have one of these leaflets through your door or have seen them in local shops.

We are putting together a network of volunteers and co-ordinators across the ward, but split into polling districts to make it manageable for everyone, include some safeguards and to help neighbours to help each other.
We have set up a central help line at the CDT. Initial details are obtained of the help required and then a co-ordinator (who could be home based) is asked to make contact with the person, help put them in touch with a volunteer  and do a quick check afterwards with both parties for any feedback or issues.
You can find more details on our WEBSITE  and how to sign up to volunteer with us or receive our daily newsletter.
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 20.01.11.png


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