Mostly Jazz move to Highbury?

Moseley Folk Festival has applied for a licence to hold festivals in Highbury Park. This is a contingency plan in case social distancing is still needed in July and would be an alternative venue for their Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival, normally held at Moseley Park and Pool

They have been in discussion with the Chamberlain Highbury Trust, other stakeholders of the park and the local authorities for some time and have produced this information sheet for residents:

At a recent Moseley Forum meeting the organiser Gerv Havill stressed any such move would be temporary . He said: ‘We have considered both Cannon Hill and Kings Heath but they’re either unavailable or unsuitable. It’s unclear what restrictions this summer or next will bring so this is very much a contingency plan. We hope that by July restrictions will be relaxed and we can remain in Moseley’. Gerv also confirmed he is in contact with local Moseley businesses and will keep them updated.

If you have any concerns or questions or would like further information you can contact Gerv by emailing with Highbury as the subject.

Representations or comments can be made to Birmingham City Council by emailing

or writing to:

General Licensing, Regulation and Enforcement, PO Box 17831 Birmingham B2 2HJ

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