Vehicle Activated Signs for Billesley Lane

Speed monitors have been installed today on Billesley Lane. They are currently set to factory settings of 30mph but will be recalibrated in the next 24 hrs to 20mph. They won’t visually display speeds above 45mph to deter boy racers wanting to set them off, but top speeds will be recorded and data will be available for analysis.They are re-deployable so can be moved around the ward to help address issues in different roads. This is a welcome move towards what we hope will be a range of new road safety measures introduced across Moseley ward and will help to address the concerns many residents have been raising, in some cases for many years.Last night, at an online Better Streets 4 Moseley meeting, we also heard from the design company that has been awarded the council contract for the proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhood Tranche 2 measures across Kings Heath and the ‘Moseley Triangle’ area. We will continue to stress the need for a holistic community led design rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach and for as much consultation and engagement as possible.Tranche 2 is an opportunity to address the road safety and speed issues experienced by so many people across the designated area but it must take into account that all roads are residential and it is not acceptable to expect residents of one road to take the burden of redirected traffic from another road.

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