Continuing to support EU citizens

Izzy asked an important question at Birmingham City Council full council meeting as a member of the pro EU pressure group, EU IN BRUM.

Funding to support EU, EEA & Swiss citizens to secure Settled Status and ensure their continued rights in the UK ends at the end of September. Yet there are still 1000’s of people who need help now or in the future, especially those granted pre-settled status who will need to re-apply for full settled status after five years UK residence. Their continued right to live in this country is by no means guaranteed.

We were pleased to hear Birmingham City Council do plan to apply for government funding to continue this support. This is vital for charities like Centrala, Asirt Birmingham and Central England Law Centre to be able to continue their work with vulnerable people across Birmingham.

It will also mean the Council EUSS working group, of which Izzy is a member, can continue to meet to assess the situation of EUSS across Birmingham, tackle issues as they arise and offer networking and other support to the charities involved in the group.

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