Moseley’s LTN enters its next stage.

The details of Tranche 2 of the Kings Heath and Moseley Places for People aka Low Traffic Neighbourhood have been released by Birmingham City Council.

Details of the proposals which include four designs, two for each side of Kings Heath High Street and stretching across the ‘Moseley triangle’ to Wake Green Road and Yardley Wood Road, can be viewed on the Council’s consultation website, where you can also make comments:

A series of engagement events are scheduled in October, including an online information / question and answer session on – Tuesday 5th October at 6pm

An online briefing for businesses is to be held on Wednesday 6th October at 3pm.

Further drop in sessions are listed on the website and plans and questionnaires will be available at Kings Heath Library.

Moseley Forum will be holding a public meeting to discuss the proposals on Tuesday 26th October.

The consultation closes on 5th November, after which the council say they will prepare a final plan for implementation under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order in early 2022.  

We are already aware of some confusion and different interpretation of what the designs will mean in practice. We also know that the project is controversial and if it goes ahead will bring huge changes to travel in our neighbourhood. 

We urge everyone to take time to go to one or more of the events and to ask questions.

Izzy has written to Birmingham Connected to ask for much better engagement with businesses located in the project area,  including a one to one visit from a Council Officer to any business that requests it. The potential impact on businesses must not be underestimated.

She has pointed out that residents who do not have access to the internet need more information on how to comment and an address to send their feedback. The council needs to ensure the consultation and information to assist in making an evidence based decision is available to everyone. The council should also publish its equalities and impact assessment report.

We have also noticed no mention has been made of the number 34 bus which travels hourly between the City and Kings Heath along Billesley Lane and Oxford Road
We are very keen to hear first hand what residents and businesses think about the proposals, and we will be talking to as many of you as we can in the next few weeks. 

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