Protecting our green spaces – action at last!



I am really pleased that Birmingham City Council are fitting trip rails to preserve the green spaces along side Yardley Wood Road & Stoney Lane between Doris & Phipson Roads. David Farrow and I first started campaigning on this issue in March 2018. In September 2018 I submitted a 90 signature petition from residents calling for action to stop driving and parking of cars on these green spaces due to the damage they were causing to the grass, the danger to pedestrians and the extra pollution in an area that already suffers from excessive traffic. See my previous post about it here


Local residents campaigned years ago to stop these spaces being built on, they regularly litter pick and plant bulbs with the children from Anderton Park School. They very much value the green space as a community asset. After submitting the petition we were told there was no money, however we continued to make the case for action sending photographs and video evidence to the highways, parks dept and local police team. I organised two site visits with the head of Parks dept (who are responsible for the land) and following the second visit he agreed action was needed. This was started with the lovely planters on the corners of the greens to prevent driving across the pavement and now we have the trip rail being fitted. A big thank you and well done to the residents, especially to Elaine & Rob who didn’t give up and helped to lobby and provide the evidence we needed to get action.


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